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“Dhyana’s intimate knowledge of the body and of the psyche bring healing and peace to everyone fortunate enough to know her. Her gentle, expert touch and engaging spirit take strain/counterstrain to the highest level of practice.” — Sue Klein


I am 79 years old and try to be physically active.  I ski 4 to 5 weeks a year, walk daily and exercise regularly.  Since 1992, I have been a weekly client of Dhyana Moyer for Deep Tissue Massage and more recently “Strain Counterstrain”.  I have experienced consistent”minor (everyday) miracles” and “major miracles” on a regular basis.  I would recommend her services to anyone.   If you are or want to stay
“active”, call Dhyana.
—Dick Krutch, Bainbridge Island

“Where there is ruin,

there is hope for a treasure.” 
― Rumi.

“silence is the language of god, 
all else is poor translation.” 
― Rumi

Dhyana Moyer, LMT, JSCC

Bainbridge Island, Washington

(206) 605-3949

Licensed Massage Therapist *
Strain Counterstrain Practitioner *
Certified Emotional Somatic Release